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Tall trees in Dresser Old Growth Grove, Jackson State Forest

The Jackson Advisory Committee is close to deciding on the principles to use in developing a long-term management plan for Jackson State Forest.

A key issue is the extent to which management should aim to restore most of the forest to old growth conditions while simultaneously harvesting sufficient timber to fund management of Jackson Forest and other state forests.

At the heart of the issue is the question whether or not we can obtain wood products from redwood forests in a way that honors and preserves the essential natural characteristics of redwood forests. The objective of Natural Forestry is to do just that.

The idea behind Natural Forestry is to emulate, to the extent practical, the natural processes that would occur in the absence of man's intervention. Obviously, harvesting timber is something that would not be done in the absence of man, but trees do die naturally in forests. The more closely harvesting activities mimic the process of mortality that naturally occurs, the more closely they would represent natural forestry.

Preliminary analyses indicate that it would be feasible to place stands in Jackson Forest on a path to old growth while continuing to harvest sufficient timber to meet revenue needs. More analysis is required to translate the concept of Natural Forestry into concrete management recommendations.

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