Campaign History
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Campaign Historical Publications

valbul1d.gif (87 bytes)Where We Are Today and Where We've Come From, Vince Taylor, March 16, 2007
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Documents Related to Alternative G Negotiations. Documents written in the process of negotiating on unresolved issues between the Mendocino Working Group and the state.
valbul1d.gif (87 bytes)Report of the Mendocino Working Group, November 30, 2006. The working group consisted of six people in Mendocino County intimately involved with Jackson State Forest, four from the timber industry, one from the Sierra Club, and one from the Campaign to Restore Jackson State Forest. The report presents the group's consensus recommendations on management principles for Jackson Forest and on a two-phase process for getting the forest back into operation.
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Setting Priorities for California State Forests,
Vince Taylor, May 23, 2005. This paper was prepared for the first meeting of the Demonstration State Forest Advisory Group, meeting in Santa Rosa, California on May 25, 2005
valbul1d.gif (87 bytes)How Come the Timber Industry Controls California Timber Policy?, Vince Taylor, May 2005
valbul1d.gif (87 bytes)Actions Show Big Timber in Control of the Governor, Vince Taylor, September 16, 2004
valbul1d.gif (87 bytes)For the Record: CDF's Attempts to Ignore and Evade Its Legal Responsibilities in the Management of Jackson State Forest, Vince Taylor, September 2004
valbul1d.gif (87 bytes)Managing Jackson State Forest For Public Values (PDF file, requires Adobe Acrobat Reader), Vince Taylor, May 2004. Addresses timber industry arguments against management reform at Jackson State Forest and explains how this public forest could best serve broad public interests.
valbul1d.gif (87 bytes) Broadening the Vision for Jackson State Forest -- a slide show on the Forest, its potentials, and the failings of the Draft Management Plan. Originally presented at the Jackson State Forest Town Hall Meeting, Fort Bragg, CA, September 25, 2001.
valbul1d.gif (87 bytes)Economic Effects of Jackson State Forest -- an economic analysis showing that shifting Jackson Forest from industrial timber production to research, restoration, and education would cause a much smaller reduction in timber-related employment than estimated by CDF, while county income would likely be increased, Vince Taylor, July 2004.
valbul1d.gif (87 bytes)Internal CDF Documents (PDF file, requires Adobe Acrobat Reader). These memos by a senior CDF staff person at Jackson State Forest confirm the inadequacy of the 1983 management plan and the refusal of CDF Sacramento to devote the resources required to develop a new plan that reflects current science and environmental concerns.
valbul1d.gif (87 bytes)Jackson State Forest Background, by Jeremiah Siem ((PDF file, requires Adobe Acrobat Reader). An extensive collection of historical, current, and statistical information on Jackson State Forest, Mendocino County, and the redwood timber industry. This is important reading for anyone wanting in-depth context for evaluating the best use for Jackson State Forest.
valbul1d.gif (87 bytes)Campaign Mission Statement
valbul1d.gif (87 bytes)Bill of Rights for Jackson State Forest. The Campaign's official statement of recommended management provisions for Jackson State, with supporting reasons.
valbul1d.gif (87 bytes)Proceedings of the Conference on the Restoration and Management of Coast Redwood Forests: Jackson Demonstration State Forest. (PDF file, requires Adobe Acrobat Reader) Papers presented at conference on restoring Jackson State Forest, November 2000, in Fort Bragg, California. Includes Ecology and Management of Coast Redwood by William Russell, Ph.D. and Economic Effects of Restoring Jackson State Redwood Forest: Dispelling the Myths by Vince Taylor, Ph.D.
valbul1d.gif (87 bytes)The Best Environmental Investment (PDF file, requires Adobe Acrobat Reader).  Shows that the environmental and recreational benefits are thousands of times as great as the cost of investments in the Campaign.
valbul1d.gif (87 bytes)The Case for Restoring Jackson State Forest (PDF file, requires Adobe Acrobat Reader).   Documents the case for changing the mission of Jackson State Forest from logging to restoration.
valbul1d.gif (87 bytes)Will the Tail Wag the Dog?, Vince Taylor. Published in the Fort Bragg Advocate News and Mendocino Beacon, March 7, 2002.
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Ten Reasons to Halt Logging Now,  Vince Taylor, June 19, 2000.
valbul1d.gif (87 bytes)Time to Restore Jackson State Forest, Vince TaylorPublished  in Fort Bragg Advocate and Mendocino Beacon, April 6, 2000 (edited).
valbul1d.gif (87 bytes)Remarks to the Board of Forestry, Vince Taylor, July 13, 2000.
valbul1d.gif (87 bytes)Request to Our State Government to Restore...Newspaper ad appearing in the Fort Bragg Advocate and Mendocino Beacon, signed by over 500 people, October 26, 2000.  (PDF file, requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)
valbul1d.gif (87 bytes)Letter from Sierra Club to CDF on scope of new management plan alternatives, Kathy Bailey (PDF file, requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)