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2001 THP Photo Journeys
Brandon Gulch Sale Summary
Brandon-Camp 3 THP
2009 Harvest Plans

2001 Photo Journeys to Past and Planned Timber Harvest Plans in Jackson State

Summary of Brandon Gulch and Camp 3 2003 Timber Sale

Map of Unentered Old Second Growth: Brandon Gulch and Camp 3

2009 Proposed Timber Harvest Plans

Logging Plans in Jackson Forest Threaten Oldest Second-Growth Stands

2001. During the five years prior to our lawsuit filed in 2000, the California Department of Forestry (CDF), the manager of Jackson State Forest, had concentrated on logging in areas that haven't been logged in eighty to over 100 years.  As a result, only about 10,000 of the 50,000 acres of Jackson State still contain unentered old second growth redwood. See map.  

Three proposed logging plans so far halted by our lawsuits would devastate another thousand acres of the healthiest and most beautiful part of the forest.  Over 50,000  redwoods would be cut and dragged from the forest.  The proposed logging will destroy the fragile redwood forest ecology re-established by 100 hundred years of healing.

The areas planned to be cut are completely canopied.  Underbrush has been largely shaded out.  Ferns and other forest plants intermix with trees that tower more than 150 feet, creating a natural cathedral.  The soil is stable. No sediment runs into threatened salmon streams.  If CDF is permitted to go forward with these plans, all of these exceptional environmental and ecological forest values of these will be lost.

The photo journeys show how amazingly beautiful are the recovered areas of Jackson State Forest.  The photos also show the many trees with blue paint rings in the midst of this splendor -- rings that mark the trees for the chainsaws.

If you are short on time, check out the photos of Brandon Gulch.  It's beauty took my breath away.  

The three proposed plans are:

  • Brandon Gulch, 540 acres, 10-12 million board feet to be logged
  • Camp 3, 366 acres, 6 million board feet to be logged
  • Parlin Creek, 251 acres, 9 million board feet to be essentially clearcut.

All three of the pending harvest plans for Jackson State are within this "heart of the forest." If allowed to be carried out, the plans will destroy 10 to 20 percent of the remaining mature forest in a single year!

It's already too late to stop the logging of the old second growth in Hare Creek, the closest part of Jackson State Forest to Fort Bragg. This plan, approved in 1999, is now going on. Photos of this logging operation shows what lies in store for the remaining majestic stands of mature redwood in Jackson State -- unless we raise our voices loudly enough to make the state government change the mission of the forest from logging to restoration..

Vince Taylor

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