We've achieved our goal, but your letter is still important.
Please send your letter.

California state law now says that Jackson State  Forest shall be logged for maximum timber production! This must be changed if our public redwood forest is to be saved for our children! Please send a letter to key legislators and government officials.

  • If you live in Senator Wes Chesbro's or Assemblyperson Patty Berg's districts, please go to the Constituents Action Alert. (Generally, if you live in Humboldt, Mendocino,  Napa, or Lake County, or the northern parts of Sonoma or Solano Counties.)
  • If you live anywhere else, inside or outside of California, please go to this General Action Alert.

Jackson State Forest is in Chesbro's and Berg's districts. The Constituent Action Alert sends letters only to these two legislators, plus the Governor and the Secretary of the Resources Department.

The General Action Alert sends letters as above. Additionally, it sends letters to your state legislators if you live outside of Berg and Chesbro's districts in California.

The following address will work for all legislators and the governor:

State Capitol
Sacramento, CA 95814

You can send your letter to any or all of the following (most important listed first):

Your legislators
Senator Wes Chesbro
Assemblywoman Patty Berg
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger

Thank you for your help!