Our New Challenge - $120,000!

The Campaign to Restore Jackson State Redwood Forest is facing a major financial crisis! 

To meet the challenge, the Campaign has launched a drive to raise $120,000 in the next year.

Thanks to the hundreds of individuals who have donated between November 2002 and August 2003, we've met all of our interim goals. We've raised $70,000 through August!

Our EIR lawsuit  bills are straining our pocketbooks, and we are beginning to fund new initiatives to get legislative protection for our forest.

 We've set a goal  for September-November of $25,000. Please help if you can!

Donate now.

Here's the Big Problem

The Campaign has undertaken a critically important lawsuit that will cost over $80,000. Continuation of outreach and education efforts will cost an additional $40,000 in the coming year.

This huge financial need comes at a time when the Campaign has lost it financial "angel" that previously underwrote most of its expenses.

We are undertaking a coordinated campaign to raise funds from many sources.

If you and all the others who have supported our efforts via letters and faxes contribute now, you will make a crucial contribution toward our fundraising goal. Please donate now.

In just over three years, the Campaign has transformed Jackson State from "the forest that no one knows" into a major public issue. Its lawsuit has forced the state to stop it massive logging of our public forest and to subject its management to public review for the first time in almost 20 years. There is much more. See Campaign Accomplishments

 Please give generously.

Here's How to Donate

To make a donation by mail, make out checks to "JFRC" and mail to:

           Jackson Forest Restoration Campaign
            PO Box 1789
            Ft. Bragg, CA 95437. 

 Donate by Credit Card

It's easy and secure to donate using your credit card on-line.

: If you want your donation kept confidential, please write "Confidential" in the comments section on the donation form.

Please give generously.  It's your forest.


Vince Taylor
Executive Director